The Patient Journey

The 11 year old boy attended the London Clinic for Complimentary Medicine and Vegatesting from Dec 2016 to June 2017.

During this period, his health rapidly improved and he became well enough to return to school towards the end of January 2017.

During April, his mother reported by email “that he feels completely well at last, and that his leg rashes have disappeared”.

By June he remained well and continued to attend school. A visual journey of the patients recovery is detailed below.



First Consultation
Initial consultation.
Second Consultation
Summary of second treatment

Third Consultation

Fourth Consultation

Fifth Consultation

“He is almost back to normal now. In particular, he is less moody and does not get anger bursts and mood swings like he used to. He also had major problems with balance but that is under control as well. I will keep my eye out on his skin and report immediately if anything changes, but at the moment it is looking very good indeed.”

He looked and felt well and no longer had any skin rashes. His mother reported that his health was ‘back to normal’ and that he was attending school regularly.

With vegatesting, a resonance of bacterial infection was no longer detectable, although Samento and Toex drops continued to test ‘effective’.

Email from patient’s mother – June 2017

“Overall, I have been very happy with Dr Bourne and his advice on integrated medicine. He is very thorough, takes his time and explains everything very well. He is obviously very knowledgeable. We would be very happy to recommend his treatment and services to anyone in a similar situation.”


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