Postscript: 10 months after initial treatment


By July 2017, he was still well and all treatment was stopped, By October, he remained well and was still not taking any medication.


2010. Aged 5 years – onset of intermittent painless skin rashes on legs and face.
(Regular family holidays in Finland)

Oct 2016 Exacerbation of rashes with health deterioration – off school.
Nov 2016. Conventional antibiotic treatment did not help.
Positive conventional ASUS test for Lyme disease overlooked.
Dec 2016. Vegatest diagnosis of Lyme disease.
Commenced integrative medical treatment under vegatest control.

April 2017 Symptom free – returned to school.
June 2017 Still well. Follow-up planned for six months.
October 2017 Still well. Discharged from routine follow-up.


Email from patient’s mother

He stopped samento at end of August. Although I think it was such an excellent immune support that I am considering maintenance on it during the winter. He has taken probiotics and Alkamax for about a month every couple of months or so. I use the PH strips to determine the acidity of his body. I will also consider Immiflex for the entire family over the winter months.

The skin rashes have disappeared (nothing appeared since June) and he is generally fit and well and more energetic.


Lyme disease does not always present with a characteristic small papule that enlarges into a red ring (that later fades in the centre) with a raised border. It does not even always present with a fever. Even when correctly diagnosed conventionally, the condition is liable to be antibiotic resistant. Lyme disease is also liable to be misdiagnosed conventionally as untreatable chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the described case Lyme disease, which had previously not responded to conventional antibiotic treatment, a naturopathic integrative approach at the London Centre for Integrative Medicine was associated with encouraging preliminary results.

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